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MTINKO OIL REFINERY CLUSTER. Sentized members to  process quality product which have emphasized increase in number of industries. It support  members on marketing and share market information and link them with India and Kenya. Networking with government (Regional Administrative Secretary) on issues of promotion  of sunflower Seed production and  fair competitiveness. Members to have contract farming system for assuarnce of availability and quality of seed. Sensitize members on good hygienic practices and good manufacturing practices. Establishment of warehouse for seed storage to both members and non members


Kukuza thamani ya zao la alizeti kwa wakulima, wasindikaji, wajasiriamali, wasafirishaji na wafanyabiashara.


Kuweza kupunguza uhaba wa mafuta ya kula hapa nchini.


Kukuza na kuongeza kipato kwenye zao la alizeti


  1. To produce quality refined oil and sale in and outside the region.
  2. To exports refined sunflower oil that will replace crude oil export
  3. To meet changing demands and customization.
  4. To increase income to sunflower value chain actors and community of Singida district.
  5. To increase seed storage reserve capacity (Warehouse) in the Mtinko cluster area
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Name Mtinko Oil Refinery
Email jumamene4@gmail.com
Phone number 0784790625
Address Singida
Location Singida
Region Mjini Magharibi
District Mizingani
Ward Mizingani

Our Products

Mafuta ya Kula
Mafuta ya Kula
Mafuta ya Kula
Mafuta ya Kula
Mafuta ya Kujipaka
Dawa Kulainisha Ngozi
Dawa ya kuua Mbu


# Name Activity
1 SACCOS Huwakopesha wanachama wake kwa riba na masharti nafuu. Saccos huwasaidia wanachama wake kwa kuwakopesha vitendea kazi pamoja na pembejeo za kilimo, lakini pia mwanachama wanayeshiriki kilimo kwa kushirikiana na huweza kupatiwa mkopo kiasi cha mara tatu ya fedha yake aliyotunza kwenye saccos na mkopo huo huwa hauna riba kabisa.
2 AMCOSS Takes a market development approach to support rural livelihoods and improve the quality of life through increased rural income. Overall goal is to improve the quality of life and social well being of target communities
3 MKULIMA GROUP Empower smallholder economically and socially farmers through capacity building and undertake lobbying and advocacy especially by strengthening their groups and networks, facilitating communication and learning so that they are capable of defending their interests.